• Dryer Vent Cleaning

  • A dirty dryer vent causes enormous lint buildup, and lint located within just 2 inches of your dryer’s heater intake can ignite. If you don’t regulate the lint build up in your home’s dryer vent, then you could be squarely in the danger zone. We professionally clean clothing dryer vents and ducts for Bluegrass homeowners. Serving Lexington, Kentucky and surrounding areas.

    A dryer duct clogged with lint can cost up to $20 or more to operate every month. Professional dryer vent cleaning performed by technicians at Appliance Service of Lexington removes the accumulated lint and other possible obstructions, allowing your dryer to operate more efficiently resulting in substantially lower utility bills and extending the life of your dryer. If your dryer is getting hot but not adequately drying your clothes, or if you’ve never had your dryer vent cleaned, you’re probably paying more than you need to.